About Blackhole

Learn more about the Blackhole shooting book application. What it can do and what basic functions it has.

Video Tutorial

In the video tutorials, we show you the best way to scan your shooting targets with your cell phone, evaluate them and save them in your shooting book.

Scan Targets

How do you take pictures of your shooting target and how is the evaluation done.

The Shooting Book

Save and manage the hit images.

The Target View

Displays individual targets and detailed information about the shot pattern

Analysis of the shot group: determination of the scattering and hull circle as well as the average hit position.

The Inventory

Manage your personal equipment.


Complex analysis of shot data.

Shooters Lounge – The Social Network

Post, like, and share your shooting content with friends.

The Sports Editor

Create your disciplines and rules. Customize laps, strokes and times.

Center evaluation and alternative evaluation caliber

The Squad manager

Create training squads and add students whose shooting data can be managed in individual shooting books.

Where can I find the squad management?
How do I create a new squad?
How do I add a student?
Where is the student data and how do I get it?
What is the difference between the regulars’ table and the students’ squad data?
What else can I do with the student data?
Are there any restrictions on cadre management?

The Scan Recorder

With the recorder you can record as many targets as you like, very quickly one after the other, and combine them into one hit image. Very useful for benchrest and strip targets.

Where can I find the recorders?
How do I use the recorder?
What do the icons on the screen mean while recording the recorder?
Can I change the number of shots during a shot?
What do I do if an error is displayed during a recorder recording?
Does the sorting of the shots stay in the same order as I recorded them?
Are there any limitations with the recorder?

The Live Monitor

The monitor can evaluate targets while you are shooting at them. This requires an optical system such as a spotting scope or an external camera.

Where can I find the monitor?
How do I use the monitor?
What do the symbols on the screen mean?
How can I save my shooting data in my shooting logbook?
The system does not recognize the pane in calibration mode 1
In calibration mode 2, the view always remains black, even if I have fired at the target.
During the live evaluation, one of my shots was not recognized or did not trigger recognition
Are there any restrictions on using the monitor?

The Remote

With Black Remote, you can control the Blackhole Monitor from another cell phone without having to touch the evaluation unit.

External Cameras

Blackhole supports the connection of external WLAN cameras.

Where can I find the settings for external cameras?
Which cameras can I use?
How do I use the stream function?
What should I bear in mind when setting up the camera system?