Equipment set

Group equipment into a set

Your items in the inventory can be grouped into equipment sets. This refers to equipment configurations that you use repeatedly for certain shooting sports (e.g. one set for shooting with air pistol, another for smallbore shooting). These can then be linked to your shooting results (see scan a target). Thus, for example, ammunition can be assigned to a specific weapon in your inventory and parameters such as shot load and ammunition supply can be determined. In addition, your shooting results can be directly related to the equipment used and statistically evaluated.

  1. Add a weapon from your inventory by tapping the “Select set weapon” fields.
  2. Choose the ammunition that goes with it.
  3. With the plus symbol you can add more equipment. You can remove the latter from the list by double-tapping it.
  4. Give your new set a name.
  5. Save your new set by tapping on the disk symbol in the upper right corner.