Search bar

The Search Bar

The search bar is a recurring control in the application. On the pages with the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner, the search menu can be shown and hidden. Depending on the page, different options are provided.

However, the upper full text search field, the filter function and the “Delete” button are always common.

The full text search

Enter a term or keyword to filter by.

Filter activated

The small filter icon under the magnifying glass at the top of the screen indicates that a filter or search option has been performed on the list. In this case, you may not see all entries in the list. Adjust the search options or delete all filters.

Filter by date

Set a start and an end date. The list will now contain only elements that are in this period.

Category filter

Tap on the filter field with the preselection “All”. Depending on where you are in the app and which items are in the list, different categories will be suggested to filter the overall list.

For example, the inventory and catalog can be searched for weapons, ammunition or clothing. Events by sport, targets by their region of origin, etc.

Clear filter

Here you can delete any filter and search input and get the complete, original list.