Saving a shooting target

How do I save my shooting results?

Of course, you’ll also want to save your digitized targets, archive them, and view them later.

After shooting a target and after you are satisfied with the result of the analysis, you save the target in the shooting log. For your understanding we would like to show you in which structure shooting results are saved in Blackhole.

  • Event: An event is a single shooting book entry that contains at least one series.
  • Series: Contains at least one digital target and must be stored in an event.
  • Target: Summarizes all relevant data of a digital target and contains all hit data.

You have three possibilities to save your target in this hierarchy. In the end, however, an event with a series and the target data is always entered in the shooting log. So there can be no series or single targets in the shooting book. The possibilities are as follows.

If you create a new event, a series 1 is also created with the shooting data. You can change the header data here or later in the shooting book.

After saving, you automatically return to the live image view and can immediately digitize the next target.