Center evaluation

Center evaluation of hits and alternative evaluation caliber

In the extra options of the sport editor you will find the possibility to specify a caliber alternative to the caliber actually shot for the determination of the ring values.

Center evaluation

The center evaluation is especially relevant for service weapon shooters, where the competitions are held with different calibers. In a normal ring evaluation, where the outer edge of the bullet hole closest to the center of the target determines the ring value, larger calibers would have an advantage. For this reason, the center score is usually used for the service weapon shooters, i.e. the center of the bullet hole is considered, which must lie within the scoring ring.

Alternative evaluation caliber

Another variant of evaluation is to agree on an evaluation caliber that all shooters participating in the competition then use for evaluation, regardless of the caliber actually shot. Usually, the largest of all calibers shot is agreed upon.

Troubleshooting for bullet holes that are too small or too large

For some types of ammunition, the size of the bullet hole on the target differs greatly from the bullet diameter. In these cases, it is advisable to set the caliber for the evaluation algorithms in the target acquisition so that its bullet diameter most closely matches the bullet hole size. However, in order to then perform the ring value calculation for the ammunition actually used, this should then be specified as an alternative caliber in the extra options.

choose alternative caliber for evaluation
list of alternative evaluation
  1. Open the caliber selection list and tap on the caliber with which you want to evaluate your rings.