Shooting Book App

Your shooting book app

Your shooting book goes digital

Manage your shooting results from anywhere. From now on you always have your shooting log with you and keep track of all your training and competition sessions. In the detailed view, you can view and analyze every single shot in detail.

Get your equipment in the shooting book

Inventory your sporting weapons, ammunition and other items. Link your inventory with your entries in the shooting book and compare your performance. With which sporting weapon have you scored the best so far? And how does your choice of ammunition affect the scatter?

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Record your target directly with your cell phone. All hits are immediately evaluated to the 10th ring.


Take a close look at your shots. Statistical analysis of your hits will help you improve your accuracy and precision.

Store and Manage

Access at any time. From now on you always have your shooting book with you.


Share your shooting pictures instantly with your friends and see their shooting results too.

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