Scan paper targets

Scan targets app

Scan and evaluate targets with your cell phone

After shooting, place your ring target on a plain background and take a picture of your target with the Blackhole app. The app will then evaluate the shots on the target to the 10th of a ring within a few seconds and display the hit image and the values determined for the individual hits. After the evaluation, you can manually add, edit or delete individual hits.

Wizard to record your target

The app helps you to take optimal pictures of your target by using an optical level to keep your phone as perpendicular and steady as possible to the target. The camera of your phone will then automatically trigger when the target is in the center of the picture.

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Record your target directly with your cell phone. All hits are immediately evaluated to the 10th ring.


Take a close look at your shots. Statistical analysis of your hits will help you improve your accuracy and precision.

Store and Manage

Access at any time. From now on you always have your shooting book with you.


Share your shooting pictures instantly with your friends and see their shooting results too.

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